While nearly everyone on this site falls somewhere on the white supremacist spectrum, these folks are a special breed of fascist.  They make their name for themselves for no other reason than being a fascist. They have no special skills or qualifications.  These vile creatures simply exist to propagate hate.

Dick Spencer

Richard B. Spencer

President National Policy Institute


Jared Taylor

President American Renaissance


Colton Merwin

Freedom of Speech Rally Organizer

Jason Eric Kessler

Jason Eric Kessler

Unite the Right "Organizer"

Cassandra Fairbanks

Cassandra Fairbanks

DC Area Fascist


Morton C. Blackwell

President Leadership Institute


Jack Posobiec

DC Area Fascist

Jake Loubriel

Jack Corbin

Legal Name: Jake Loubriel


Right Wing Trolls

Internet Trolls Who Think They're Anonymous