Job: Metropolitan Police Department Public Affairs Specialist

Infamous for: Releasing the full list of 231 J20 arrestees to

Favorite thing she did for MPD: According to her resume:

Used Periscope and Facebook Live to host cyber press conferences to keep the public engaged in breaking incidents, including the arrests of more than 230 protesters on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day,  a fatal officer-involved shooting and numerous protests that shut down several city streets

Married to: Daniel Reid, here’s their engagement pics.

Dog’s Name: Ava

Father: Gene Shaerr

Gene is Famous For: Arguing against Obgerfell v Hodges (gay marriage); Associate Council to George Bush (’91); Defending Utah in Kitchen v. Herbert arguing for “traditional marriage”; Speaker at Family Research Council; donated over $45,000 to Republican candidates.

Family Estate: 17502 Bowie Mill Road, Derwood, MD 20855