Job: Interim Police Chief

Qualifications: None, but he was repeatedly passed up for promotion over his tenure with MPD.


  • Arrested an 11 year old survivor of sexual assault for filing a false police report despite overwhelming evidence (semen) that she was raped.
  • Charged with domestic violence for beating his ex-wife
  • Had his gun taken away for passing out on the sidewalk with his revolver next to him after a night of libations.
  • Responsible for the 2002 Pershing Park mass arrests where he hog tied over 400 of demonstrators. DC paid out millions in lawsuit settlements.
  • Responsible for the mass of arrest of “L12”, 235 individuals at the Inauguration demonstrations
  • Surprisingly, is a lawyer.

Girlfriend: Jacqueline Bedway (also known as Jackie Benson)

Primary Address: 8611 Hartsdale Ave, Bethesda, MD 20817

Phone Number: 301-896-0705

Beach House: 45D Queen Neva Court, Chester, MD 21619