Meet the People Prosecuting L12

On January 20, moments before Trump was sworn into office, MPD and the US Park Police indiscriminately detained and arrested over 230 individuals on the corner of L and 12 NW. Lawyers, reporters, EMTs, folks of all ages were arrested, held in jail for two days, and charged with felony riot. A number of reporters, attorneys and a handful of folks subsequently had their charges dropped, but the state is pressing on with the recent superceding indictment of 209 individuals.  These 209 comrades are now charged with at least 8 felonies; 2 counts of felony riot, 1 count of felony conspiracy to riot, 5 counts of felony property destruction; and face 85 years in prison – a veritable lifetime behind bars.

At the forefront is Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham, whose leadership in the 2002 Pershing Park arrests resulted in a settlement costing the city millions, ordered the mass arrest.

But, in the wake of the shitstorm MPD initiated on that fateful day, a new leader has emerged in the attack on resistance in the city, and across the nation.

Assistant United State Attorney Jennifer A. Kerkhoff, along with her boss Channing Phillips, is responsible for prosecuting over 200 indicted comrades.

For context, AUSA Kerkhoff comes to her role with a background in corporate law, starting her career at Troutman Sanders LLP. where she met her lover, Nathan J. Muyskens – who just got a new job.

It was during that time that she made a $250 donation to the Bush-Cheney campaign. The FEC subsequently hid her donation sheet.

After her stint in corporate law, Kerkhoff then moved over to prosecuting low level misdemeanors. She worked her way up through the ranks to prosecute murder cases.

Now, she’s prosecuting the L12 defendants.

In her free time, she occasionally enters 5K road races and can maintain an okay pace. She had her best showing at the 2011 National Police Week 5K where she landed a 23:35 for the US Attorney’s Office team, but it was still bad enough to put her last place on her team. She is a somewhat frequent participant in the Arlington Police and Fire 911 5K. In 2009, her team name was Misdemeanor Milers. She’s certainly got Newsham beat, but we’re confident Antifa could outrun both in a fair race.

Outside of her lifelong work of putting people in cages, Kerkhoff resides comfortably in  Alexandria, Virginia,  with Nate.

John Borchert, her sidekick, helps in the malicious prosecution of over 200 comrades. He owns a home worth $732,900.

But wait, there’s more: in the days after the Inauguration, Detective Greggory Pemberton took it upon himself to investigate DC-based folks and violently raided a local activist house. He lives in the Petworth neighborhood at a home that’s lost almost a third of its assessed value.

Finally, this malicious prosecution doesn’t take place in a vacuum.  Jeff Sessions oversees all US Attorneys including Channing Phillips, who in turn oversees Kerkhoff and Borchert.

This is a public service announcement:  We are providing this address so that you don’t go anywhere near there. We strongly advise you to stay far away from this neighborhood and especially this address.